Main Page

This is the main page of the Men's Wiki.

- No women are allowed. Anyone discovered to be female will be blocked permanently.

- There is to be no tolerance for trolls or parodists, either.

- All users must have a user page with an e-mail address.

- No humor in main space, unless it's inherently part of the subject. Pointed satire or sarcasm, though, may be allowed, as its purpose is not really humor.

- The subject of the wiki is masculism, men's rights, and other philosophical, ethical, or political issues specific to men. This is to be understood in a broad sense.

- No pictures or other files may be uploaded (for now, at least).

- No editing by reversion. No one should make an edit more than once without explanation, and anyone that does may be blocked. When both sides are abusing reversions, the article will be locked.

- On any issue disputed among masculists, both sides should be presented fairly.

- While citations to good sources are usually preferred to original speculation, no general rule can be made.

- Free speech should prevail on talk pages. Nothing should be removed except vandalism, spam, trolling, and other non-constructive misbehavior.

(These rules were written for a Wikipedia-style interface and should be adapted to this one.)

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License