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I would still like to discuss this further, with a view to preparing such a statement to place on this wiki.

I'm sure it has not escaped the notice of any one of us who's considered it, but our movement shows a distressly low degree of organisation. Could you name one entity representative of the men's movement? - I do not believe so. None of our groups have much money - I do not think any have real paid employees (although that's not inherently a good thing). Why don't they? Speaking for myself, and hopefully other men as well, I would not wish to give money to any organisation that I don't think will make a difference. How is this cycle broken out of?

Now the other thing that is an obvious stumbling block is that we disagree on so much. This shouldn't be fatal, though, think of all the political movements of the past - and except for feminist ones, they
have been built primarily by men. So why can't we come up with a list of things that almost all of us would agree upon, and could endorse? Do we have any core principles, besides 'men/fathers are getting

Now any such list would have to be strictly limited, which likely means that it could not be prepared by one person. For example, as some of you may know from my history, I am pro-circumcision and I could not endorse any statement opposing circumcision. On the other hand, I hardly consider it essential and would work with those that oppose circumcision for common goals.

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