Feminism is the name for a broad movement whose aim is the advancement of women. It does not have a coherent ideology (women are incapable of making one) but is really just a list of women's complaints at the moment.

Its history is usually divided into the first wave (before the second world war) and the second wave (afterward). The first-wave feminists did not publicly try to challenge the separate social position of women generally, but tried to eliminate specific instances of alleged oppression. Their culminating achievement was the securing of women's suffrage.

The second-wave feminists are the ones we're dealing with now. They are part of the broad leftist movement that swept Western society in the 1960s that, while it may have been a necessary reaction, as all revolutions went too far. They seem to be motivated, at least the guiding forces of the movement are, by hatred of men and not a belief in justice.

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