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Hi Andrew. Good job. I wrote that section on the original article but agree it is unclear. It's sort of extraneous anyway. Your two paragraphs are fine so maybe you can incorporate then somewhere.

Re: Your imported article by MasculistMasculist, 16 Jan 2009 21:14

OK, much better than my stub in general - I edited it a bit to clean it up and introduce proper wiki markup.

I removed this passage:

Leftist masculists are fond of pointing out in this regards that the same conflict existed in feminism until the past few decades when the patriarchal women of the Right were converted to feminism. Masculism is simply an attempt to counter ideology with ideology and in that manner create a "New Patriarchy". There's no conflict in goals, only the usual Left-Right dynamics.

as I couldn't make much sense of it. Please explain.

Shouldn't the ideas present in my first revision:

Masculism is a word coined in linguistic opposition to feminism, and as with feminism it does not have a clearly defined set of doctrines. All can agree, though, that it includes opposition to feminism as its defining feature.

The men's movement (organised masculism) is notoriously not organised, to the extent that we have no influence on politicians whatever, and have a difficult time communicating our ideas to any men but those that find us, usually because they have suffered at the hands of feminism.

be incorporated somehow?

Your imported article by Andrew UsherAndrew Usher, 15 Jan 2009 22:33

Yes, these articles do sound like my personal essays - that's how I write. Getting more hands on them should reshape them in a more encyclopedic manner.

Note about content by Andrew UsherAndrew Usher, 04 Jan 2009 03:42

The post where I proposed creating this wiki is here: . Also simply search for "Men's Wiki".

Relevant Usenet thread by Andrew UsherAndrew Usher, 04 Jan 2009 03:41
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