Freedom is God's gift to all men, and the goal of all political action should be the maximisation of freedom for all men. The word is used in narrow senses, as freedom from something or freedom to do something, but the important political sense is that of the power to direct one's own life.

There are two types of freedom (though they are really one) and many people seem to be interested in only one of them. 'Freedom from' is the absence of restrictions on one's actions and 'freedom to' is the ability to make the things happen that one desires; the first is that that conservatives speak of and the latter that that leftists preach about. There are many natural limits to freedom: the equal freedom of others and physical impossibility, for example.

Some people have the odd idea that freedom can only be infringed by, or granted by, the government. In fact there is no reason why private organisations can't do the same, so long as an association with them is sufficiently important.

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