Men commit suicide 4 times more often than women in the US; and the ratio is not dissimilar elsewhere. Suicide is one of the leading causes of death; and it disproportionately takes those that are otherwise healthy.

Yet, the important but obvious distinction is that suiciders want to die. Therefore, one can not treat suicide as another disease. This is recognised, of course, and programs and material directed toward preventing suicide normally aims to get help for suicidal and possibly suicidal people. But it is true that there are reasons that suicidal people think they'd be better dead, and it is surely the case that these are (especially in the case of men) not completely irrational.

Basically, men are more likely to become suicidal for good reasons because life treats them more unfairly. One becomes suicidal when one feel out of options, powerless. Therefore, addressing this would require mentioning the discrimination against men that is all-pervasive today.

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