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Women are an inferior form of man. That is undeniably true from an intellectual stand-point; and from a moral one as well. If there were a God, He would have to be quite cruel to have created women as they are.

Honor and loyalty and courage - virtues that men invented, and women understand incompletely at best. Humility is exhibited by all wise men, yet only religion can get women to be humble at all. Logic and reason are likewise masculine; and women tend to exhibit them in restricted areas or not at all, partly because our feminised society does not teach them anything else. And the highest of our mental faculties, introspection, seems to be exclusively male - not that many men find it easy, either.

Why do I focus on mental attributes? Well, of course, because all that distinguishes us from animals is ultimately mental - and if we are no more than animals then we are nothing, we would have no right to live.

In the matter of general intelligence it appears that women are but slightly inferior on average; but when one looks at any particular the outstanding examples are practically always men. There has been no worthwhile philosophy from the pen of a woman, ever. And most examples of female achievement are inflated, as well, by the leftist establishment. The apparent success of many women today is no evidence, either, since almost all are in fields that can not be perfectly quantified, and the natural tendency of almost all people (I am an exception, but only because I have thought about it sufficiently) is to over-estimate the value of a woman relative to that of an equivalent man, and that is massively reinforced by the feminist ideas that permeate everything in our society.

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